Anal Douches and Enemas

We stock the Best Anal Douches the Best Enema Kits and the Best Dildo Shower Attachments at PlayBlue ie the No 1 online sex shop in Ireland all at the lowest prices. With our usual highest quality guareentee. If you want to learn how to douche or how to enema try PlayBlue we have the cheapest around back

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Ultimate Anal Douche

We're often recommended to douche before trying anal sex for clean, hygienic play, and this is the best tool to use!

Simply fill with warm water and use as directed - there are two sizes of nozzle and they have side jets for thorough cleansing.

The douche itself is easy to wash and clean.


Anal Douche - Uni-Sex with Glow in The Dark Tip

This uni-sex anal douche has a glow in the dark tip and provides one-step insertion and maximum cleansing.


Portable Travel Douche 5 Piece Set

This travel set is very durable, compact and easy to use. The set contains: 2 Litre Folding Douche Bag with plastic hanger. 4 ft Clear Tube with threaded ends and tap for fluid pressure/flow control. Plastic Suction Hook which mounts on most surfaces and holds bag securely. Threaded Vaginal Spout:Ensures even spray dispusral of fluid. Anal Spout.


Whirling Spray, Unisex Plastic/Rubber Douche

Fill the large bulb with water, insert the douche and squeeze gently to maintain a steady spray of water. This douche has a series of spray jets around the neck that guide the water out sideways in several powerful streams.


Deluxe Douche and Enema System

This Unisex Douche and Enema System Set is essential for your hygiene and cleanliness.

This set comprises:

* 2L folding douche bag

* 4" threaded tube with tap

* Suction Cup Wall Mount Hook

* 5.5" Vaginal Attachment

* 2.75" Anal Attachment

High quality kit that's extremely simple to use.


Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Enema

Make enemas fun again with the Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Squeeze Enema. Designed to be both pleasurable and practical, this water bulb and hose attachment is comfortable, easy-to-use and safe for beginners. The squeeze bulb's tapered tip is soft and slim, while the clear PVC hose attachment can be used to douche as well. After the fun, cleanup is a snap with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Perfect for him and her.


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Douche Kit

This unisex Douche Kit takes care of both hygiene and pleasure.

The kit includes three interchangeable nozzles, curved for P & G Spot stimulation as well as bulbous ended and ridged for anal and vaginal.

To change the nozzles, simply unscrew.


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COLT Anal Douche with 2 Attachments

COLT Anal Douche comes with two different size tips and one with ribs on so you can really enjoy your douching!

Get it clean guys!