Masturbation is great, isn't it?

Masturbation is great isn't it?

Do you not find the world is more and more confusing and seemingly a dangerous place? It can be all a little depressing and can drag you down. Well I tend to just try and ignore it all to be honest. Worrying about Trump, Brexit, Recession etc is a total waste of energy and in reality gets you nowhere. As you get older the biggest change I’ve found is that I care less and less what people think. When I was twenty I was practically paralyzed into inaction for fear of other people reactions. Now I really don’t think about it too much and I refuse to stress over thinks I can’t change.

But there are loads of things you can change and the one thing you can guarantee in this world is everything will change this includes your sex life and you attitudes to what is and isn’t something to try in the bedroom.

In the sex toy industry this has never been truer. The mind boggling selection of new products that we get offered monthly is amazing and we are constantly adding new products to our selection. But a bigger change is the more mainstream attitudes to sex toys, the likes of boots and Poundland selling cheap vibrators to sex toys popping up in TV shows all the time now. Has made the use of sex toys a normal part of most people’s sex life’s. Another big change that needs to happen is people in Ireland’s view of these.

We have a shop in Kilkenny which is not exactly the middle of nowhere I know, but also not the most cosmopolitan place in the country. I would suggest at least half the adults in Kilkenny wouldn’t be seen dead in our shop and not because they don’t want or own a sex toy but because of how ‘it might look’.

Why is this taboo? Look the truth is we all masturbate the Pope masturbates, Barack Obama masturbates, Enda Kenny…too far let’s not go there.

But the point is we all masturbate if you don’t, it’s weird and you need to sort it out. Masturbation according to every sexologist in the planet is healthy, normal and a great stress reliever. But if I mention I masturbate it is something to be ashamed of in Ireland and something we all seem to agree we should never mention and pretend it doesn’t happen.

Well PlayBlue knows it happens and we will always advice you to do it alone, with your partner, to you partner whatever, it’s fun, the safest sex you’ll ever have you’ll always feel better after it.

Another thing I am particularly delighted to see is more acceptance of male sex toys, for years vibrators have been normal and a fun part of female sexual satisfaction but still there persists the dirty, perverted view of male masturbators in some quarters for some reason.

You can imagine most couples have a bit of fun with a vibrator as part of foreplay but the use of a male sex toy would still be taboo for most couples. This needs to change and thankfully seems to be, judging by the number of Fleshlights we seem to be selling!

So look if you want a better sex life and too become better at sex whether you are in a relationship or not, masturbate, experiment don’t let any outdated guilt or whatever stop you.



A Vibrator for Everyone !

General New Vibrators

The change in this industry over the last 5 years has been incredible, but go into any Irish high street sex shop (except ours of course) and you’d never think it has moved on at all.

The pure variety of vibrators available now is literally staggering.

We’ve had loads of women tell us Vibrators just don’t work for me based on a single experience with probably a cheap 90’s whinny vibrator. When we show and talk about the selections of sensations now on offer it is a real eye opener.

From the power beasts like the Doxy to the little clitoris suction devices like the Satisfier and everything in between if you’ve dreamt it, we sell it and we sell a load more you haven’t even thought of yet.

There has also been a flood of couple vibrators since the launch of the We-Vibe a few years back which are a totally unique experience and is helping move the mindset of the vibrator as something to be used for masturbation or on your own to a more inclusive and normal part of a good fulfilling sex life.

Vibrators are great used in foreplay and as an extra stimulation during sex and can now with remote devices and internet controlled devices be used as teasers on a night out or as great erotic enablers for phone or skype sex.

Everyone is different and we urge you to try a few different types of vibrator and don’t judge them all based on a single one. I can guarantee you there are vibrators you won’t like and will not work for you, but I can also guarantee you we have some that with blow your mind.

I’m going to reiterate the usual advice I give, first-times or people who have no clue, go small, not too dear and generic a simple rabbit maybe.

If you are trying a new type of vibrator don’t splash out on the top of the range and give it a few goes don’t give up after one session. Finally make sure you include your partner in vibrator fun. Oh and never forget the lube.

Here are three vibrators that you might like to checkout to spice it up a bit.


Satisfier Pro 2 - A fantastic little suction vibe that if you need a little extra clitoral stimulation this will work for you. A word of warning this is intense and unlike any other vibrator, It does one thing suck you clitoris really really well but little else, but when you are this good at it why branch out?

We-Vibe Unite

We-Vibe Unite- Not super cheap but for a We-Vibe an absolute bargain. This is another unique one, you wear it during sex and it vibrators against the clitoris, G-Spot and the shaft of the penis. It can be used as a fantastic solo remote controlled vibrator too of course but it really is something you gotta try.

Max Bullet

Loving Joy Power Bullet - Might look all very normal and you think rechargeable that’s great, but then you switch it on and the power on offer here is sometimes a little frightening. It is super versatile too vaginal, clitoral, anal, him, her, nipples...I could go on. Great for foreplay and also great if you need a little extra clitoral sensations to get you there during sex.

Look vibrators are getting better and better and the variety is exploding, no rules, no judgement for him or her just spread your wings a bit and if you have a hiccup try again or something else you won’t be sorry you did when you find the right one.


Review - Rocks Off 80mm Ammunition for Love

Rocks Off 80mm Package

The Rocks Off 80mm Single Speed ammunition for love is the perfect little love bullet in metallic festive red. It arrives in the standard cardboard backed clam shell pack. The first thing you notice is it is shiny and very smooth to touch with a quality metal feel.

Rocks Off 80mm Battery

This is not a complicated toy and even the worst kind of gadget disasters can figure this one out. First you need to remove the battery cover which is simply a matter of twisting the base clockwise. There will be a sticker covering the battery which you need to remove to use and then as the batteries are already fitted you just replace the cap. Make sure the cap is tight and fully on to ensure a good contact on the battery.

Now for the tricky bit….just press the single black button at the bottom of the toy. A firm press for on and a firm press for off. That is the sum total of the controls no manual required it really could not be easier.

This bullet is also 100% waterproof but please make sure to ensure there is a really good seal on the cap for waterplay or you might damage it.

I know it’s super simple but this is a little power house. I suppose it is a Rocks Off bullet, the company that invented bullet vibrators and supposedly the best selling bullet in the world but I was surprised at the punch it packs. No slow build up here as you cycle through the speeds, it is full throttle from the go which I found a little tough to start with but quickly I found my body caught up. It is also quiet and very discrete you could easily use it and have no fear of disturbing anyone next door.

Rocks Off 80mm Size

The little tapered tip is great for fine pinpoint stimulation but be careful you don’t accidentally swallow it ;-)

Overall it is a fantastic bullet simple to use and clean (as it’s waterproof) the power takes a little getting used too but if you are looking for a high quality discreet simple to use love bullet you will struggle to find a better one.

Buy it at Playblue - Rocks Off 80mm Ammunition for Love

Update - From now until Christmas Day (2016) this is free with every order over €5!!!!!

Enda Kenny Talks Porn!

No Porn

This is going to be an unusual post in that I’m trying to sell nothing and it is going to be a little serious.

At PlayBlue we stay out of politics as we would suggest politics has no place in your sex life. Enda Kenny last night on the news started talking about porn specifically children having free and easy access to porn. At PlayBlue  we have an obvious vested interest here, but outside of that I am also a parent with strong views.

I would say Enda has been way too slow to look at the problem of porn in Irish society, we just seem to bury our heads in the sand and try to pretend porn isn’t available everywhere. With a couple of clicks I can be looking at hard core porn but so can our children and this is just plain wrong. I find myself in the singularly momentous position of actually nearly agreeing with Enda Kenny (thought I’d never say those words) that we need to do something about this problem.

Before I suggest a solution let me first outline the conflicted position I have. At PlayBlue we sell porn instore and via our sister website If porn wasn’t free online I imagine our business in this area would boom. Porn is a relatively small part of our business making up low single digit percentages of our sales. But I also have the vested interest of having three kids who I’d do anything to protect.

The solution is for all ISP (internet service providers) in the country to automatically block access to porn unless the bill payer explicitly opts-in. So by default all porn is blocked then if a person chooses to want access to porn they need to call their ISP support desk and ask for it to be unblocked for their connection. This would include all broadband providers and mobile phone companies.

I know there are still a few loopholes like access via VPNs or access via remote out of state servers but the solution outlined would stop free access for the overwhelming majority of kids. Also people might be too embarrassed to call to get access to porn but this is also a small price and personally I see no issue with adults who want to view porn so again I believe the vast majority will have no issue with this.

We can lead the way here like we did with the smoking ban and set a simple to use set of rules in place to virtually eliminate this problem, if we do it right this will spread quickly across the globe too.

Come on Enda just get it done!

Doctor PlayBlue On Call and Ready to Help

Doctor PlayBlue

Working selling sex toys has taught me a couple of very simple lessons that I will always take with me.

First and foremost “Don’t make assumptions about people”. People talk to you about the strangest things when you work in a sex shop. I’m convinced that some customers think we’re doctors. On support we have long conversations about the most intimate aspects of their sex lives, when the same people would never speak to you outside of work. We are always delighted to offer any insight we might have and would love to think that we help people enjoy a better sex life, but I'm always fascinated and delighted about how open Irish people have become when talking about sex.

A few of the same topics come up (excuse the pun) again and again which is why we try to write down some general information about these common questions to help people who might be too shy to discuss pegging or masturbators or anything else with us. Our list of FAQ (frequently asked questions) and sex guides are growing all the time and any good helpful questions we get we add them to our ever growing database.

We also get loads of queries about the mechanics of ordering from PlayBlue. Is Delivery Free? Is it Discreet? What will be on the credit card? Etc. Any question you might have we have likely heard it before and have probably written a guide or answer to it somewhere already.
PlayBlue are always available to help either using the Zopim messenger directly from the website (bottom righthand corner of every page) or on the phone during office hours (10am-6pm) or of course 24/7 via email ( We answer every single question and are totally discreet and understanding, we really mean it when we say we are here to help its what really sets us apart.
So please if you have any question you might either be too embarrassed to ask or just want to clarify something before ordering just ask we promise we’ll try our best to answer it fairly, we are not in the game of trying to gouge our customers for money we will try our best to just help.