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We have the best Fetish sex Toys at the lowest prices at PlayBlue online sex shop Ireland. If your into it your into us and the high quality fetish toys and accessories we offer. We have a huge selection of quality fetish and bondage gear to suit all tastes from PlayBlue Ireland

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Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg Wheel

Tickle, tease and please your lover with this medical-grade Wartenberg Wheel. Named after the famous neurologist, Dr. Robert Wartenberg, this stainless steel pinwheel delivers a tingly sensation as the prickly pins roll across the skin. Combined with a blindfold and restraints, the heightened sensory experience will leave you breathless.


BOUND Nubuck Leather Flogger

The best bondage brand will push the boundaries of your BDSM scene and start the session by treating your sub to the sensation that only 36 square-tipped suede falls can give. The ribbed, nubuck leather handle and wrist strap improves your grip and ensures that you never lose control over your strikes while the brass stud detail on the hilt and pommel lends further stature and authority to your tool.


BOUND Nubuck Leather Padded Paddle

The best bondage brand in the world makes a 100% luxury leather paddle that is litterally the essence of spanking pleasure


BOUND Nubuck Leather Solid Ball Gag

The best bondage brand in the world no surprise makes the best luxury pure leather solid ball gag too


Fetish Fantasy Clit Sucker

Whether you're using this alone or with a very special friend, the clit sucker gives amazing sensations, almost unbearably orgasmic.

Lube up, slip the vacuum tube over your clitoris and pump the air out, then turn on the vibrator and see how long you can hold out! Waterproof for fun in the bath, the clit sucker is a real eye-opener!

Contains a free blindfold - try getting your partner to use it on you for added enjoyment!


Bound to Please Nipple & Clit Clamp

Connect every pleasure point with this combined nipple and clit clamp. Simply attach to the nipples and clitoris and enjoy as body movements increase tension across the chain, resulting in tugging, teasing sensations you'll adore.


Fetish Fantasy Extreme Tit and Clit Power Pump

Tease and please yourself to new heights with the Clit N’ Tit Power Pump! Designed for maximum suction and vibration, this toy is sure to hit the spot and make you hot! Simply place the soft jelly cup over your clit or tit and press the power button for an instant powerful suction! Then switch on the vibrating bullet with the handy wired remote for multi-speed vibrations that will thrill you to your toes!

The fun begins with the intense built-in vacuum chamber that whips up amazing suction power at the touch of a button!

The soft, jelly-like suction cup creates a snug, air-tight seal over your nookie nub or nipple, giving you all the suction and vibration exactly where you need it most. A tiny “tongue” within flutters its tip for the wildest, earth-shattering climaxes ever!

Tip: Add plenty of Moist lubricant for an extra wet, extra wild encounter!

Keep your playtime tangle-free with the handy, spring-loaded wire reel which takes up all the slack when it’s time to wind down from the fun


Bound to Please Vibrating Nipple Clamp

For those who hunger multiple sensations, clip these vibrating clamps to nipples for a heady mix of powerful vibration and restrictive pressure. Attached bullets provide a single setting of intense vibrations whilst rubberised clamp tips ensure comfort to the wearer.


Sharon Sloane, Double G Pleasure - Black

The Sharon Sloane Latex Collection combines high quality materials with fun and very sexy design. All the products in this range should be used in conjunction with a Shiner to achieve the gloss effect. These products are packed with a covering of protective talc, and all available in three sizes

From £28.86

Bound to Please Heavy Duty Nipple Clamp

These quality, adjustable press clamps adjust fluidly and effortlessly allowing precision adjustments in intensity. Connected by a silver chain, the metal links also add sensory arousal when against skin.


Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Hogtie

Secure your lover in a classic bondage position with this rope hogtie restraint. Perfect for beginners and strong enough for pros. The knots come tied and pre-assembled - just slide them over your partner's wrists and ankles for that snug fit. FREE Love Mask included.


Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Enema

Make enemas fun again with the Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Squeeze Enema. Designed to be both pleasurable and practical, this water bulb and hose attachment is comfortable, easy-to-use and safe for beginners. The squeeze bulb's tapered tip is soft and slim, while the clear PVC hose attachment can be used to douche as well. After the fun, cleanup is a snap with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Perfect for him and her.


Fetish Fantasy Do It Doggie Harness

A favorite amongst lovers is this Doggie harness. The velvety-soft harness cradles your lover, while the durable, adjustable handles give you the grip you desire. Show her how


Fetish Fantasy Double Ball Gag

For the those times when silence is golden, this Double Ball gag is sure to do the trick! Share the pleasures of being bound and gagged with your partner and get closer than ever before. This naughty Double Ball Gag is connected by a strong rubber tether and allows you to move as close to each other as you'd like...the only catch is that neither will be able to say a word! The strong nylon straps easily adjust to fit most sizes, will the firm rubber gag stays place in your mouth when the action heats up. Shhhh...not a peep out of either of you!

Fetish Fantasy Sensual Hot Wax

Heat things up and ignite your passion with this hot wax candle set. Includes 4 candles and FREE satin love mask.


Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Suckers

Turn on the 3 mini vibrators, place the cupped Nipple Super Suck-Hers over the nipples and place the cupped Clit Suck-Her over the clitoral area and pump the ball until the suckers stay in place. The stimulating suction and titillating vibration brings on a sensational climax. Just press the quick release button when finished. Try it in the bath for a new and exciting thrill. Enjoy FREE samples of Moist Lube and toy cleaner!


Heart-Shaped Breast Massagers

Wear these hearts on your breasts!

Made from soft and sensuous TPR and covered with stimulating love nubs, these massagers cup on to your breasts for powerful stimulation.

Simply push the button to provide wireless vibrations!


Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump

A pussy pump with a difference, this product from Fetish Fantasy will serve you well.

Whilst swelling your pussy, it delivers multi speed vibrations, giving you pleasure and purpose all in one!


Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Ball Gag with Dong

This top of the line Deluxe Ball Gang has a realistic black dong on one side of the leather mouthpiece and a ball on the other. Double your pleasure and double your fun and watch the sparks of anticipation begin when you put this on! The leather harness encircles your slave's head and even locks with the lock and key that's included! Is it hot in here or is it YOU?


Hi-Beam Vibrating Nipple Pumps, Multi-Speed - Pink (Batts Inc)

These vibrating nipple pumps are designed to stimulate and get you bigger nipples, faster! The ultra-soft nipple cups pump up with a power packed hand pump, which has a quick release pressure valve for total control. The mini vibrators have a twist on-off controller that slip inside the suction cups, for increased nipple size and pleasure instantly and help you have a more erotic look and feel instantly

£21.21 £20.36

Pussy Pump Purple

This new and hygenic apparatus stimulates and tones the muscles in the vagina. Easy to use, with a safety release valve.


Clitoral Vibrating Pump with Powerful Vacuum, Multi-Speed

This item has a hand operated pump system, which allows you to control the pressure of the suction. Once you have found your ideal pressure, you can activate the multi-speed vibration. Suction + Vibration = Absolute Pleasure.


Super Sucker Nipple Bulb Red

This nipple sucker is very easy to operate. Simply place the sucker where you want sucking and use the bulb to create the suction. Very easy, very satisfying.


Mini Portable Nipple Pump with Multi-Speed Vibration - Pink

Treat your nipples to the double pleasure of suction and vibration with this pump set. The high-pressure suction bulb gets nipples erect fast and the powerful, multi-speed vibe tingles and tantalizes them. Your nipples will thank you for it.(Batts Inc)

Big John Male Doll with 7.5" Vibrating Penis, 2 Penetrating Holes

This handsome chap is ready to satisfy all comers. He has two tight love holes and a vibrating 5" penis. They don't call him Big John for nothing!!


Out of Stock

Fetish Fantasy Spread Em Bar & Cuff Set

Welcome your lover with open arms and legs with this incredible Spread Em Bar & Cuff Set! This kinky set of metal spreader bars will put you or your partner in the right position for pleasure every time. Attach the adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs and your subject won't be able to close their thighs or wrists. Try new positions and scenarios you never dared, and do it all with ease, thanks to the swivel-mounted cuffs which allow for some movement. The connecting nylon support strap can also be removed, giving you unlimited possibilities and exciting new positions. They'll squirm around and squeal, but they won't get out! Comes with a handy carrying case, too! Open wide!