Sex Fun Games to play with your partner or at a party, be a little naughty or get your sexy side on with erotic fun and sexy games that will have you giggling or maybe get you and your partner all warmed up. 

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Sex! Card Game

You wouldn't think it possible, but this handy little pack of cards contains not 52, but a hundred thousand different fantasies for you and your partner to enact! Each card explicitly details either a foreplay activity or a sexy position - play one of the three games given or invent one yourself! Guaranteed to get you both gagging for each other!


Another one of our most popular games, Monogamy is a two player extravaganza, perfect for those long winter nights! Tuck up together and get to know each other a little better! As you go around the board, you'll be confronted with new, exciting, sexy and sometimes hilarious challenges which will have you loving, lusting and laughing all night long. The cards' challenges are carefully chosen to have a selection of thought provoking, funny and sexy ideas on them which will get you talking and touching like never before. At the climax of the game, the winner chooses which of fifty breathtaking fantasies the pair of you will make real together - definitely something to play for!

The O Game

Amazing orgasm tips and a dice to give you a random one each time. The O game will have you screaming for sure..

1000 Sex Games

Perfect for couples who're running out of ideas in the bedroom, this sexy card game is full of ideas for love - or you can just play it as a party game to raise a few eyebrows!

Begin by selecting a Foreplay card - with options such as "Strip Spinner", "Naughty Dice", "Erotic Edibles" and "Spin the Bottle" you'll be in the mood in no time! Then take turns to choose a Passion Card which offers strategies to use to maximise your pleasure in the Sex round..


Foreplay Connect

If you are stuck for ideas in the bedroom recently, or think that your partner could do with a little foreplay prompting, then you've come to the right place!

Foreplay Connect brings an element of competition into your bedroom! Each chip has a foreplay act inscribed on it - and the losing player has to perform the four foreplay acts in the winning line (vertically, diagonally or horizontally) on the winner!

Definitely rewards strategic thinking!


Bound by Love

Perfect cards to inspire your bondage fantasies and make them come true. One dice, 50 bondage action cards, two ribbon ties and a soft blind fold.. explore your kinky side!

Heart Desire Sugar & Spice Romance Dice

An ideal way to get the passion started.

This fun & sensual game for Lovers has 3 naughty dice which will spice up any night with their winning combinations!

Take it in turns to roll to reveal an action, body part and place for the action to take place.

Who knows where things may lead?..


Endless Nights of Amazing Sex! Board Game

Be a sexual winner with the Endless Nights of Amazing Sex Board Game! This fun packed game for lovers combines dice, cards, trivia and a board game to spice up your sex life. There are '1 million ways to win' and over 400 trivia questions included!

Glow In The Dark Love Dice

Great for fun in the dark, these Glow-in-the-Dark Love Dice are a great addition to any bedroom.

One dice denotes a body part and the other has an action.

Roll the dice to combine what the dice reveal and act it out!


Stick A Dick On The Hunk

This fun and saucy game is sure to get the party started! The game includes: Giant glossy hunk poster Willy eye mask 12 reusable character willy stickers special prize sticker for the winner optional cut out head so you can play on any male

Willie Measuring Stick

This Willy Measuring Stick will tell you whether you are porn star material or..... not.

This makes a fun and cheeky gift!


Sex Calorie Counter

Burn off those fun treats the sexy way! With this Sex Calorie Counter - burning those cals has never been as much fun. Forget the gym pass - get one of these and work it out in bed!

Honk If You`re Horny

Let everyone know when you're horny with this super cool novelty horn that will leave them in no doubt whatsoever! Why be subtle when you can be loud and raucous! Fab for parties, boys and girls nights out and much more.

Spicy Dice

How can something so small give you so much fun?! These Spicey Dice will have you at it all over the house, absolutely gagging for each other by the time the dice say you're allowed to consummate your lust! These three little dice will spice up your sex life! Simply roll the two octagon dice and follow each direction for at least two minutes - every fourth roll you use the location dice to change location if necessary! Only when both the octagon dice say "sex" are you allowed to go all the way!