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PlayBlue Premium Waterbased Lube 250ml

At PlayBlue we found the best waterbased lubricant on the market and were so impressed we decide to get the manufacturers to make our own bottle.

PlayBlue sensual lube is a premium water-based, nonstaining lubricant in a generous 250ml bottle. So you can be extra liberal with you lubericant use to get the the best sexual experience. Friend to condoms and sex toys this versatile lube will become your next bedtime partner.

£8.46 £7.44

Anal Eaze Desensitising Cream 15ml

Anal Eaze Desensitising Cream Cherry - 15ml


Super Slik Water based Lubricant 250ml

Super Slik is a water-based, nonstaining lubricant. It will not harm condoms and comes in a very handy pump dispenser.

Quite simply the best value lubricant we have. A quality product at a discount price. Also available in 100mls.


ID Millennium Lube

Get into the mood with this best-selling lube from ID � the Millennium is a concentrated silky-light silicone liquid which can lubricate efficiently with just a few drops.

� Guaranteed never sticky!

� Great for massage and can be used under water

� 100% pure pharmaceutical grade silicone lubricant

� Condom friendly

� One of the longest lasting lubricants available.

Comes in a range of sizes, from a 2.5oz bottle which can be slipped easily into a pocket, to a larger version for the dedicated enthusiast!

Not suitable for use with some silicone toys.

From £15.26

Super Slik 100ml - Water Based Lubricant

Super Slik is a water-based, nonstaining lubricant. It will not harm condoms and is also available in 250mls.

Quite simply the best value lubricant we have. A quality product at discount prices.


Enlargo Penis Development Cream

Enlargo Penis Cream can gain you inches. The Enlargo Penis Cream is easily absorbed into the penis to ensure maximum results. Gently massage the cream into the penis to encourage tissue expansion and growth, boosting the strength of the erection and also increasing the flaccid penis size. For best results use a small quantity of the cream twice daily along the entire length of the penis.


ID Velvet Silicone Based Lubricant

German-made ID Velvet Body Glide is luxury in a bottle with a premium formula, guaranteed to keep things running smoothly.

Latex compatible and fragrance free it guarantees to never become sticky or tacky. This velvety lubricant also serves well as a skin conditioner and moisturiser. More bang for your buck!

Available in: 30ml, 50ml, 125ml and 200ml bottle sizes.

Ingredients (INCI): Cydopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and Dimethiconol

From £10.16

Chocolate Body Paint

Paint your lover all over with this fine luxury body paint, and then lick it tantalisingly off bit by scrumptious bit!

Foreplay has never been so much fun!

The chocolate body paint has been created by our favourite purveyors of quality comestibles, so your partner really will taste as good as they look!


Waterglide 150ml - Strawberry

A little slippery oral fun can taste so much better with Waterglide Strawberry lube.

Colourless lubricant of classical viscosity with high productivity. With aromatic and fruity strawberry aroma, This lubricant brings a fragrant atmosphere and leads to a new sensuality during exciting oral sex.


Silk 150ml Waterglide

Its liquid and very rich consistency offers a variety of uses for full and soulful lovemaking. With an odourless, non-tasting and colourless composition, you will enjoy pleasurable moments.


Warming 150ml Waterglide

Colourless lubricant with rich texture, that due to its special formula possesses an exciting and stimulating warming effect. With a delicate sweet taste and neutral odour nature, you will be seduced into sensual experiences.


Natural 150ml Waterglide

Classic lubricant with neutral odour and taste, as well a colourless nature, which is characterised by its high productivity and optimal lubricant properties.


Lubido Lubricant 250ml

Whether for yourself, your partner or even just for massaging away your aches and pains, Lubido™ has been masterfully formulated to give you more than you'll ever need from a lubricant.