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 With Over 60million Screaming orgasms served this american sex toy brand is a major player with a single focus, its all in the name.

The Screaming O has become one of the most recognized brands in the sex toy, couples romance and sex education spheres, and its travels around the world have given it VIP status!

From promoting safe sex practives to hosting sexy contests and events national nightclub hot spots, The Screaming O understands its clientele and has something for everyone well it knows its clients and serves them cery well.

PlayBlue Irelands Top Online Sex Shop is delinghted to present the Screaming O


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Screaming O Vibrating Ring

For just a bit of extra fizz in your sex life, try Screaming O's Vibrating Ring.

Makes you harder, makes her hotter!

Get in!


Screaming O Two O Vibrating Ring

OOOoh! You will have some fun with this!

Get buzzing on your clit and buzzing on his testicles too! Super sensations to be felt and a better longer lasting hard on! Wahoooooo!


Screaming O Ringo

Screaming O's Ringo is perfect for just a little bit of help in keeping your erection.

The super comfortable silicone ring ensures comfort and a better hard on all at once.

Colours may vary.


Screaming O O-Joy Stimulating Ring

The static O-Joy ring from Screaming O is all about the dots...

The raised bumps and textures feel amazing once you have slipped on this super stretchy cock ring - whether in missionary position or with her on top, as they stimulate her clitoris and labia.

Or she can use it as a solo toy - slip onto a finger and feel the intense satisfaction from the raised nodules and pleasure nubs.

One size fits all


Screaming O Ringo Ranglers

Get ready for a rowdy roll in the hay with the RingO Rangler collection of stretchy erection rings that’ll turn any ordinary cowboy into a bucking bronco!
From £4.21

Octopus Mini Vibrator by Screaming O

Jelly tentacles to tickle and tantalize!

Amazing stimulation and really fun too!

Great for vibe virgins, feel the buzz!


Screaming O Plus Vibrating Ring

Amazing ring for up to 30 minutes of vibrating action! The thicker cock band on this ring means that your cock will stay harder for longer and she will love it!


Screaming O LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring

Great gadget for extra stimulation on her!

Put over your tongue and let the vibrations and your wet mouth drive her insane.


Screaming O BangO Vibrating Ring

The fantastic Screaming O BangO Vibrating Ring will really enhance your night of passion.

The ring itself will keep you hard, the clit stim will feel amazing for her and the three weighted hanging balls will stimulate you both as you swing back and forth!

Enjoy this toy over and over as the batteries are replaceable!



Screaming O Oyeah Vibrating Ring

Amazing shape for his cock to keep it extra hard, amazing stim for her clit with this all vibrating noduled strap!

Feel the sensations of the nodules and the vibe all the way baby!


Screaming O FingO Vibrator

So small yet really powerful, the Screaming O's Fingo will have you hot as hell in no time at all!

Colours and styles may vary but all will take you there. The bullet can be easily removed too making this a 2 in 1 toy! Woo!


Out of Stock

Screaming O Tri-O Pleasure Ring

Triiiiiiiiiiii O! Triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii O! I want a Trio and I want one now!

Screaming O bring you the wonderful Trio.

A double vibrating cock ring with a ring and mini vibe to wrap round the testicles too! Replaceable batteries and waterproof.


Out of Stock

Screaming O Propello Dual Stimulation Vibrating Ring

The Propello from Screaming O is a cock ring creation that will amaze you with sensation and versatility!

The dual vertical bullet style, covered in pleasure nubs, stimulate both clitoris and around the anus area once he wears this ring during sex, to provide some of the most sensational pleasurable feelings yet.

You are both sure to love the perfect Propello cock ring from the extensive Screaming O range.


Out of Stock

Screaming O 9 Function Big O Vibrating Ring

9 different vibration functions which you can keep the same or allow the ring to choose for you!

Use it again and again as you can change the batteries and this is waterproof! WOO!