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The best and latest Sex Aids for Men from PlayBlue The No 1 Sex shop in Ireland. We stock the lot from penis pumps lubes delay cream and penis extenders all to help the man get the most out of sex for him and his partner. We stock only the highest quality sex aids for men at the lowest prices at PlayBlue

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PlayBlue Premium Waterbased Lube 250ml

At PlayBlue we found the best waterbased lubricant on the market and were so impressed we decide to get the manufacturers to make our own bottle.

PlayBlue sensual lube is a premium water-based, nonstaining lubricant in a generous 250ml bottle. So you can be extra liberal with you lubericant use to get the the best sexual experience. Friend to condoms and sex toys this versatile lube will become your next bedtime partner.

£8.46 £7.44

Cylinder Vacuum Pump

X Factor 12" Cylinder Vacuum Pump with 3 Sleeves


Delay Spray with Vitamin E

From the makers of Super Dragon 6000 the new Super DOOZ 34000 spray.

Their first spray with Vitamin E to nourish and activate the cells containing natural Vitamin E which is easily absorbed through local application. Especially formulated to reduce over sensitivity and pro-long sexual pleasure. Dragon's delay spray will exert a calming effect to aid sexual confidence.


Stallion Penis Developer with PVC Cylinder

An excellent place to start your pumping journey. This simple, yet effective penis pump has a soft entry sleeve and pressure release hole. Ideal for beginners.


Extreme Enlargement 7.5" Cylinder Pump with Free Cockring - Blue

At 7.5" long, this penis pump is of slightly larger design than most pumps. It has the standard hand-bulb pressure delivery system, with a quick release valve. What also sets this pump apart is the noduled inner sleeve which provides added stimulation. It also comes with a FREE cock ring to help sustain the results.


TENGA Egg Lotion

You've got your egg now get the lube to go with it! This lube is specially designed to accompany any Tenga product.. make your experience a bigger one!


Flesh Fx Mega 2" Extension

The Fantasy X-tensions range is designed for a realistic feel, and the 2 inch Mega Extension in Flesh gives you a thicker girth and a longer length that your partner will love.


Super Slik Water based Lubricant 250ml

Super Slik is a water-based, nonstaining lubricant. It will not harm condoms and comes in a very handy pump dispenser.

Quite simply the best value lubricant we have. A quality product at a discount price. Also available in 100mls.


Tenga Deep Throat Cool Cup Edition

The "Deep Throat" cup of the Tenga masturbation cup series lets you experience a deep sucking sensation. Special valves create a virtual vacuum inside the cup, to deliver an amazing sucking sensation. The top air vent can be left open or closed, with fingertip, depending on your suction preferences. The unique pinched-in shape of the cup helps to achieve an unparalleled tightness.

These advanced features combine with an arousing "slurping" sound and vibration give you the feeling that you're enjoying a real deep throat experience.


Doc Johnson Nice Nuggets Comfort Lotion

Keep your most precious jewels in the best condition... with the Nice Nuggets revolutionary cream- to -powder addition! Apply to your penis and testicles for optimum smoothness, softness and freshness. This comfort lotion is the must have for the discerning gentleman.

Stud D-Lay Cream

Stud delay cream is specially formulated for the male to maintain the moments of enjoyment. Control is the key to satisfaction for both partners, and long slow lovemaking should be attained by everyone when using this product.


Rocks Off 4 US 7 Speed Vibrating Cock Ring

7 Speed 4US Cockring - Him To Wear & Couples Share

This unique and powerful vibrating cock ring has been designed with couples in mind. Slip on around the base of the penis to experience harder and prolonged erections.


YES! Pheromone Cologne by Doc Johnson

Yes! Pheromone cologne contains a strong dose of the male pheromone that attracts women. Spritz a small amount on for an amazing night.

She won't be able to keep her hands off you!


Doc Johnson Sta-Erect For Men - Spray

A very mild non-toxic desensitiser in a specially compounded vanishing cream base. Produces a slight numbing effect over a desired area that keeps you going much, much longer. Turn yourself into an instant stud!


Stud Action Cream

Stud action cream has been specially formulated to increase sexual performance. Apply 10 minutes prior to sexual intercourse for the most mind blowing sex for both partners.


Stud D-Lay Spray

Stud delay spray is specially formulated for the male to maintain the moments of enjoyment. Control is the key to satisfaction for both partners, and long slow lovemaking should be attained by everyone when using this product.


Penis Head Pump with Silicone Base Ring

This Penis Head Pump has an ultra-soft, silicone base ring and a sure-grip hand pump bulb with a pressure release valve. Just put it on and pump away.


Loving Joy Pocket Pleasers Adonis Rings

Keep yourself rock hard with no effort at all!

Using the Adonis rings, either singly or together, will stop blood flowing away from your erect penis, keeping it harder for longer and enhancing sensations at the tip for amazing power sex!


Power Ultimate Vibrating Penis Pump (2AA)

This top-of-the-line penis pump is designed to aid penis erection and enlargement. It has an easy-to-use hand bulb for pressure building and a quick release valve. It also comes with a multi-speed vibration unit to enhance the experience.


Mr Thick Dick

Rub this specially formulated cream on his penis and watch as it grows and thickens. With heat giving properties, this unique formula is designed to stimulate a maximum erection - and it works! Pleasant to use, easily absorbed and sweet smelling for greater effect! Not only will you be happy with the results, but she'll be happy with every thrust!


Stud Action Spray

Stud Action Spray - 20ml - Stud action spray has been specially formulated to increase sexual performance. Apply 10 minutes prior to sexual intercourse for the most mind-blowing sex for both partners.

Rock Hard Power Cream

When you wanna ROCK all gotta use something special. Rock Hard Power Cream will give you the staying power to satisfy your partner's every need and keep you both rockin' til morning!


Doc Johnson Power Delay For Men - Spray

Power Delay for Men produces a slight numbing effect to make you perform for longer.

Applied to the tip of the penis it will keep you going so you have time to impress.

Its a very mild non-toxic topical de-sensitiser in a specially compounded vanishing cream base so only you will know.

Turn yourself into an instant stud!

For those who get excited too quickly.

Ingredients Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Diazolidinyl Urea, Disodium EDTA, Ethoxydiglycol, Iodopropynl Butylcarbamate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium PCA, Water (Aqua)


Mustang Penis Developer in Stylish Case with 9" x 2" Cylinder

Quality UK penis developer supplied with 9-inch cylinder (2" Diameter), hand pump with pressure gauge and conector hose. Supplied with full instructions. Lubricant strongly recommended. A permanent increase in length of 3 to 4cms and in circumference of 4cms is not uncommon. Mustang recommends two cylinders for optimum expansion, one used just covering the penis, one covering both the penis and scrotum.


Handsome Up Vacuum Pump

The Handsome Up Penis Pump comes complete with large 17cm-long flask, super deluxe pump, quick release valve and three sizes of cuff for the perfect vacuum fit. Supplied with easy to follow instructions and massage lubricant. Your partner will love to watch you grow in size and thickness.


Lust Buster Vacuum Pump with 7.5" Cylinder

The Lust Buster Vibrating Vacuum Pump has a 7.5"" cylinder and a multi-speed vibrating bullet. The advanced pump action rubber bulb enables you to create a vacuum, and it has an easy to use pressure release valve. Along the cyclinder there is a mesuring scale to monitor the enlargement of the penis, and at the base a rubber sleeve for air tight suction.


Master Gauge Penis Pump

The Master Guage Penis Pump is a premium pump. It has an easy to read PSI pressure guage that show how much pressure has been created. Combined with the easy-to-use pumper handle and flexible non-crimp hose, this pump delivers premium suction and is recommended by the American Pumpers' Association.


Male Kit - Penis Pump, Butt Plug, Cockrings & Vibe

This kit contains everything any male will need for some serious pleasure. With this item, you will be totally kitted out. Penis Pump Butt Plug Cock Rings Vibrating Penis Head Vibe


Prolong by Doc Johnson

If you need to last a little longer then try new Prolong spray or cream from Doc Johnson.

Apply a small amount to the head of your penis for a temporary de-sensitising effect.

Contains an active ingredient to allow you to go longer and harder than ever before.

From £2.51

Replacement Set Of 3 Seals

DA1 Replacement Set of 3 Seals - Multi-coloured (Spare for DA1)

Super Slik 100ml - Water Based Lubricant

Super Slik is a water-based, nonstaining lubricant. It will not harm condoms and is also available in 250mls.

Quite simply the best value lubricant we have. A quality product at discount prices.


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Enlargo Penis Development Cream

Enlargo Penis Cream can gain you inches. The Enlargo Penis Cream is easily absorbed into the penis to ensure maximum results. Gently massage the cream into the penis to encourage tissue expansion and growth, boosting the strength of the erection and also increasing the flaccid penis size. For best results use a small quantity of the cream twice daily along the entire length of the penis.


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Mr Jac-Off Silicone Textured Pad

The Mr. Jac-Off is incredibly flexible and stretchy textured pad, offering a unique and sensual touch for the ultimate pleasure.

Use in the palm of your hand with your favorite lube for immediate gratification.

Nothing does the job like Mr. Jack-Off.