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Jessica Rabbit Onyx

The Jessica Rabbit Onyx is a perfect addition for those of you who like to paint it black!

Smooth and slick, the Onyx will keep you more than happy for a very long time!

100% waterproof for aqua fun too!

€27.95 €19.56

Loving Joy Remote Control Wireless Egg

For amazing remote control pleasure, the Loving Joy Remote Control Egg is an experience not to be missed!

This super smooth vibrating egg with remote control has 10 amazing functions - plenty for you or your partner to enjoy scrolling through with ease.

The egg features a retrieval cord and can be placed inside your underwear or inside the vagina or anus - whatever your pleasure!

€38.95 €27.26

PlayBlue Premium Waterbased Lube 250ml

At PlayBlue we found the best waterbased lubricant on the market and were so impressed we decide to get the manufacturers to make our own bottle.

PlayBlue sensual lube is a premium water-based, nonstaining lubricant in a generous 250ml bottle. So you can be extra liberal with you lubericant use to get the the best sexual experience. Friend to condoms and sex toys this versatile lube will become your next bedtime partner.

€9.95 €8.75

PlayBlue Sexy Love Passion Giftset

Beautifully wrapped gift pack that is sure to delight that special someone in your life. Give the gift of sexy fun you can both enjoy!

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