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Doc Johnson is an old and trusted name in the sex toy  trade and has a long built reputation for quality good value sex toys that will stand the test of time. PlayBlue Irelands best online sex shop has the full range of this great American sex toy brand from their masturbators to Doc Johnson quality vibes and lubes. All with PlayBlues Sex Shop customer service guarantee.

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Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug - Small

The Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug is the original and the best!

These butt plugs are made from soft non-toxic rubber and available in three different sizes.

Fantastic value!

Doc Johnson Crystal Jelly Anal Delight

Just what the doctor ordered! Another best selling product from our Hollywood sex merchants Doc Johnson, the Anal delight is exactly that! A no nonsense, generous twelve centimetre plug with a sturdy suction cup for positioning on a table, chair or even the floor, five thick beads, and a thick base to prevent accidents. Made of soft, shiny vinyl rubber, this is safe with silicone lube and perfect for your prostate!

Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Vibrator

The vibration that sparked a revolution! This is the original Pocket Rocket by Doc Johnson - an innovative new design using high-specification Japanese vibration engines with an ingenious targeted top design for unparalleled clitoral stimulation. Subsequently this design has been copied by many other manufacturers but they've never quite come close to the power and simplicity of the original. At only four inches long, the Pocket Rocket is also incredibly quiet and powerful - so the only sound anyone will hear is you gasping with pleasure!

YES! Pheromone Cologne by Doc Johnson

Yes! Pheromone cologne contains a strong dose of the male pheromone that attracts women. Spritz a small amount on for an amazing night.

She won't be able to keep her hands off you!


Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibrator

The Velvet Touch Vibe from Doc Johnson feels absolutely exquisite!

Those clever guys at Doc Johnson have come up with a totally new concept in vibrator material.

Velvet Touch vibrators are made from plastic yet they have a velvety smooth texture that feels almost like rubber.

Feels fantastic when used vaginally or anally, or simply rubbed gently up and down the clitoris.

Doc Johnson Quickie to Go UR3 Mouth

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a blowjob whenever you wanted one? Sadly in most relationships, things just aren't that simple - which is why we've sourced this amazing value toy just for you!

The Quickie to Go range by Doc Johnson have been specially designed to offer the optimum in masturbatory bliss!

Manufactured from their legendary trademarked UR3 rubber blend, this feels so good agasnt your skin it's almost better than the real thing! The soft sleeve stretches to fit any size, and with a little spot of water-based lube (one generous helping is already provided free), you'll never want another masturbator!

With a little care and attention (clean with warm soapy water after use, dry, and store somewhere cool out of direct sunlight and not touching any other jelly toys), you can expect the Quickie to give you years of pleasure!


Prolong by Doc Johnson

If you need to last a little longer then try new Prolong spray or cream from Doc Johnson.

Apply a small amount to the head of your penis for a temporary de-sensitising effect.

Contains an active ingredient to allow you to go longer and harder than ever before.

From £2.51

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Double Plug

This excellent accessory for the Vac-U-Lock range turns all of your favourite Vac-U-Lock attachments into double tools.

Simply plug the attachments onto the double plug for double the fun!


Doc Johnson UR3 Blush 6 Inch Anal Starter Tool

Designed with the enthusiastic anal amateur in mind, the Blush Anal Starter from sex specialists Doc Johnson is perfect for a spot of gentle investigation.

Doc Johnson have formulated a rubber blend called UR3 especially for this type of sex toy. With low friction, a warm touch, and a pleasing colour, it is painless to insert (although lube makes it even easier!) and easy to keep clean.

It has an extra-wide solid base to facilitate gripping and help to prevent embarrassing accidents, and a length and width that are satisfying without being scary.


Doc Johnson Blush UR3 7-inch Cock

Doc Johnson spent many years researching before they came up with UR3, a skin-like blend of rubbers which feels uncanny to the touch - warm and soft and yielding, just like the real thing.

The Blush ballsy is a simple yet attractive dong; eight inches long and an inch and a half wide, it can satisfy even the hardest to please! It is sculpted with care, and it comes with a large set of balls which make it ideal for use with a ring harness, but it is equally satisfying alone.


Doc Johnson Jenna Jameson Pussy Pocket Pal

Doc Johnson has been making sex toys in Hollywood for over thirty years, and luckily for us their reputation is good enough to encourage the cream of the porn world to pose for their toys!

Jenna Jameson is blonde, lithe and feisty and her masturbator has a faithful recreation of her own pussy, lovingly sculpted out of Doc Johnsons' legendary UR3 rubber, relistic to the touch and soft on the penis!

Seven and a half inches of grippable bliss, this masturbator is much longer than average for big boys, and had hand coloured lips for that personal touch! With sensational ridges in and outside for your gripping pleasure, let Jenna take you on a journey of bliss!


Titanmen Anal Trainer Tool Butt Plug Number 1

The Titanmen Trainer Tool 1 is designed to hit that P every time.

Free Titanmen Lube inside!


Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 8 Inch Classic Dildo

Top quality dildo from Doc Johnson.

This 8 inch jelly dildo is supremely tactile, with a realistic veined shaft and lovely bulbous tip, to pleasure you as you find new heights of ecstasy with it.

Gorgeous toybox essential.


Doc Johnson The Great American Challenge Huge Dildo

Are you up to the Great American Challenge? This is the biggest dildo we have ever seen - quite possibly it's the biggest on sale in the UK. At seventeen inches long - that's nearly a foot and a half, and eight inches in girth, this toy is bigger than your forearm! Sculpted realistically out of soft jelly rubber, this toy will make your eyes water! WARNING: Definitely not for the fainthearted - please only buy this dildo if you're sure you are up to the challenge!

Doc Johnson Yumi Anime Love Doll

Yumi is one hell of a girl. Four bits to play with! A tight ass, a tight pussy, mouth for extreme deep throat and BIG TITS! You will love her if you're into characters.

Doc Johnson Quickie to Go UR3 Ass

When you are in need of some instant gratification you need the Doc’s quickie to go!

This handy masturbation sleeve is made from the Doc Johnson’s legendary UR3 rubber and feels just like real flesh.

Comes complete with a generous sample helping of the Doc’s best selling I-lube.

Once use the sleeve can be washed with mild soap and water, allowed to dry and then stored in the supplied tube ready for the next time.


Doc Johnson Raging Hardons Man Handler

Another great product from our Hollywood sex specialists Doc Johnson � the mighty Man Handler � fifteen inches of stiff vinyl cock, styled realistically for added sensation, with a non-slip hilt for added control. Definitely not for the lily-livered!

Doc Johnson Quickie to Go UR3 Vagina

When you are in need of some instant gratification you need the Doc's quickie to go!

This handy masturbation sleeve is made from Doc Johnson's legendary UR3™ rubber and feels just like real flesh.

Available in three styles, vagina, ass and mouth and comes complete with a generous sample helping of the Doc's best selling I-lube.

Once use the sleeve can be washed with mild soap and water, allowed to dry and then stored in the supplied tube ready for the next time.

Great feelings and great value!


Titanmen Intimidator Anal Tool

This is a monster of a toy! Made from sil A gel, latex free and an antibacterial formula, the Titanmen Intimidator Anal Tool from Doc Johnson will have it's way... that you can rely on!
£55.21 £50.96

Doc Johnson Mighty Man Trigger Pump

Doc Johnson, supplying sextoys to Hollywood and beyond for over thirty years, has come up with another winning product - the Mighty Man Pump.

With a seven and a half inch clear chamber for you to watch the effects, this pump features an easy to use "clench and pump" style handgrip which makes it much easier to create strong vacuums. Although there is a push button vacuum release valve for safety, we recommend starting slowly with this pump and building up gradually to extended use, as the vacuum can be very powerful.


Doc Johnson Juli Ashton's Anal Beginner's Kit

This multi-piece kit was developed to entice people to break the anal barrier.

An ideal starting point for the beginner, it includes all you need to get you going comfortably and safely.

Starting with the smallest sizes, you'll enjoy hours of kinky fun as you progress to the larger sizes.


Doc Johnson Lucid Dreams G Spot Vibrator No 14 - Purple

Lucid Dreams is a range of luxury products from our Hollywood sex specialists Doc Johnson.

Each Dream has been carefully designed to offer the best in waterproof, silent massage, with imaginative riffs on the usual vibe designs.

The no. 14 has been specifically designed with the G-spot in mind - the angled head, the powerful bullet and the smooth, sleek design all come together to provide one of the best sensations available.

This toy is also suitable for anal and prostate stimulation, so you can invite your man to join in the fun!


Doc Johnson Mckenzie Lee Union Jack Pussy Pocket Pal

McKenzie Lee - tall, dark and dangerous - and supremely SEXY! This stunning brunette vixen has allowed Doc Johnson to take a moulding of her actual pussy and recreate it in their award winning UR3 realistic rubber blend. Use a spot of water-based lube to slick things up and enjoy a night in with the hottest girl in porn!

Doc Johnson Sophia Rossi Martini Lover Pussy Pocket Pal

Sophia Rossi started modelling and acting in mainstream films when she was just fifteen, but she was in her twenties when she became one of the most lusted after porn stars of her generation. Now, thanks to Doc Johnson, you can own a masturbator moulded directly from her pussy for your enjoyment! Enjoy the soft folds of patented UR3 rubber - latex free, soft as real skin and twice as obliging!

Doc Johnson Jesse Capelli Pocket Pussy

Jesse Capelli is known for her hot girl on girl scenes, and if you're a conniseur of porn you're sure to have come across her lisson, long legged body teasing you at some point in your travels!

Thanks to Doc Johnson, now you can take her home with you for a bargain price!

This six inch masturbator is moulded from her actual pussy, and recreated in the legendary UR3 rubber blend which feels so good you can hardly tell it's not the real thing!

With a ribbed interior for extra stimulation and an easy-grip design, you'll come harder than ever in Jesses pussy!


Doc Johnson Petite Lucid Dreams Vibrator No 60

Lucid Dreams by Hollywood Sex specialists Doc Johnson is a luxury range of vibes created to provoke a series of different sensations.

Each dream is a hundred percent waterproof and precision engineered to be very, very quiet.

No 60 is designed from soft jelly rubber to probe and tease your g-spot; it also provides amazing clitoral stimulation if you rest the tip of the probe gently on your clitoris.

Unlike other G-spot vibes, the No 60 has its' vibrating bullet positioned near the top of the vibe - right where you need it to deliver targeted vibrations to your special places.

At only seven inches long, this little vibe is perfect to slip into your purse for a kinky night out!


Titanmen Ass Master

This toy is the Don of anal pleasure..

Made from silagel, latex free and antibacterial, the Ass Master is one amazing toy that will last a lifetime.. 4.5 inces at its widest... Can you take it?


Titanmen Ass Servant

Big, bold and intimidating.. this is one of the biggest butt stretching toys on the market.. Will you let the the Ass Servent take you to heaven..?


Titanmen Anal Trainer Tool Butt Plug Number 2

The TITANMEN Trainer Tool 2 is the one!

A bulbous shaft with 3 ripples for ass blowing sensations!

Comes with free lube!


Doc Johnson Pussy Pump PLUS

Pussy Pump Plus is bigger than the usual pump for those wanting extra coverage.

It comes with a one hand operation pump and a flexible hose to keep you in control with ease.

Increases blood flow to the area making it extra sensitive.


Doggie Style Debbie UR3 Masturbator

Take Debbie from behind with ease!

This compact masturbator is made from UR3 realistic material and allows you to get realistic sensations in the palm of your hand.


Doc Johnson Premium Silicone Little End - Charcoal

Super slim and really smooth this premium silicone butt plug will feel amazing for those new to anal or those that like their anal tools a little slimmer. Easy to clean, hypo-allergenic and phthalate free. From the Doc Johnson range.

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Lucid Dreams No. 14 Strap On

Doc Johnson has teamed up its most popular Lucid Dream dongs with its famous Vac U lock harness system for strap on divas.

No14 is a specially shaped dong to massage the Gspot, making it extremely popular.

The Vac-U-Lock strap-on sex system stays in place during play and accommodates up to a 44" waist!

Made of PVC and ABS, both pieces are Phthalate-free.


Doc Johnson Crystal Jelly 18 inch Double Dong - Pink

Non toxic, latex free, Sil A Gel Double Dong from Doc Johnson, for twice the fun! 2 are always better than 1!


Doc Johnson Giant Cock and Balls Dildo

The Giant Cock and Balls from Doc Johnson is perfect for those of you who like 'em big, hard and smooth.

11" x 3" makes a titanic dildo, not for the faint hearted. Super satisfaction guaranteed!

We advise plenty of lube with this monster of a toy!

Made from TPE Rubber.